Justin Timberlake - I'm Ready

Jutin Timberlake - I'm Ready It has been announced!!! Timbaland is set to produce Justin's next album! JT's first single was set to realease at 9:01am today featuring Beyonce and Hov, but unfortunately it has been pushed back to Sunday. We will all have to just wait a little bit longer to get the long awaited new material from Justin.


The Weeknd - "Rolling Stone" (Music Video)

The Weeknd The Weeknd releases the video for "Rolling Stone" of THURSDAY, also appearing on on his forthcoming album, TRILOGY, out Nov. 13th via Universal Republic!

Leave comments below and let me know what you think of THE WEEKNDS new video. Also peep the video breakdown from THE WEEKND below.

WEEKNDXO breakdown

May 21, 1972 The Notorious B.I.G., Date of birth!

I forgot to post this yesterday on Biggies birthday, but I wanted to give my favorite Hip Hop artist of all time, the proper happy bday shout out! If The Notorious BIG would have been alive today, he would have turned 40 yr.'s old yesterday! Its still sad to think how we lost such a great artist, but it is very obvious that his legacy will live on forever! RIP BIG! I still don't think anyone has touched the MIC the way you touched it! Thanks for being my biggest influence in Hip Hop music! Happy Birthday Biggie!

Frank Ocean - "Swim Good" (Music Video)

I know this song is not new by any means, but I had to bring this one back out to rock too! Gotta give it up to my dude Frank Ocean. He Definitely makes some great music. He has an original style, he's not your adverage R&B singer and that's what like him. This was a wonderful example of creating a great visual to match the vibe of the song! What do you guy's think about this track?