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'Dreams' Music Video Premier

I am very excited to announce the release of my first music video on Vevo the #DreamsMusicVideo will be premiering on Vevo on October 15th. Shout out to Stay Cool Productions & Silience Studios as well as all the indieGoGo contributors who made this video possible. I can't wait for you all to see and share this video with your friends. Let's make sure we show the world what we did. This video is just as much yours, as it is all of mine. So let's show it off and brag a little who's gonna be sharing the hell outta this Thang? 10347610_874916172520191_3033251709037224155_n Photo Credit: @christopherbrownphotos Flyer by: @graphicsbyfawaz

The Weeknd - "Rolling Stone" (Music Video)

The Weeknd The Weeknd releases the video for "Rolling Stone" of THURSDAY, also appearing on on his forthcoming album, TRILOGY, out Nov. 13th via Universal Republic!

Leave comments below and let me know what you think of THE WEEKNDS new video. Also peep the video breakdown from THE WEEKND below.

WEEKNDXO breakdown

May 21, 1972 The Notorious B.I.G., Date of birth!

I forgot to post this yesterday on Biggies birthday, but I wanted to give my favorite Hip Hop artist of all time, the proper happy bday shout out! If The Notorious BIG would have been alive today, he would have turned 40 yr.'s old yesterday! Its still sad to think how we lost such a great artist, but it is very obvious that his legacy will live on forever! RIP BIG! I still don't think anyone has touched the MIC the way you touched it! Thanks for being my biggest influence in Hip Hop music! Happy Birthday Biggie!

Tyga ft. Drake - "Still Got It (Official Video)

Tyga drops video for a track that didn't even make his album. Let's us know that he really liked the song enough to give it the video treatment, despite weather it went on his album or not! What do you think of the video, leave comments at the bottom.

It's 4/20! I Don't Smoke, But You Do!

I haven't smoked weed or drank alcohol in over 4 years, but I still understand how much 4/20 means to people who do smoke! So in light of your celebration, why not bump some Wiz and spark one up (you not me). Happy 4/20, Enjoy! Wiz Khalifa - "Califrona" (Music Video)

J. Cole "Sideline Story" Official Video

J. Cole Drops a great Visual for his song "Sideline Story" off his debut album "Cole World" Cole's album went Gold which I thought was well deserved.The video clip documents Cole’s international 2011 tour, capturing the song’s straightforward production and lyrics, representing the journey Cole has taken with the release of his first album and setting the stage for his follow up. What do you think of the new video?


Frank Ocean - "Swim Good" (Music Video)

I know this song is not new by any means, but I had to bring this one back out to rock too! Gotta give it up to my dude Frank Ocean. He Definitely makes some great music. He has an original style, he's not your adverage R&B singer and that's what like him. This was a wonderful example of creating a great visual to match the vibe of the song! What do you guy's think about this track?

New Artist Alert: MC IMPRINT, TRU FAM, DALEY, and MATEO!!!! /

"You guys know what time it is… It’s that time we’ve all been waiting on. The time where we ALL get to discover some brand new faces in the music game. R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, whatever your looking for it’s here on! This week we have 4 new artist on the rise of fame and fortune.First up is an emcee who goes by the alias of MC IMPRINT. But Brett Guidry is the government and he knows a thing or two about hardships! His father died at an early age and he found solitude in the streets of Seal Beach, California; where he quickly grew fond of drugs, getting worse and worse he realized that he needed to make a BIG change in life after just beating an almost 6 year bid in prison! While in rehab he honed in on his skills as a writer and artist. It was not until he started creating his own brand of West Coast swagger that he finally found a way to channel his aggressions into a more positive light. But that’s enough of all the emotions, let his video persuade you on why he should be a force to be wrecken with. Check out the homies video for his single “Sidelines”. [Which is a BANGER!!!]"


MC IMPRINT - "Sidelines"

"MC IMPRINT is a soldier for his music. He stands alone with out a manager, a record label and still manages to bring great quality to his work. And yes, I am bias because he is my brother but THE MAN IS TALENTED!!! This is what hip hop is suppose to be and you can tell his blood, sweat and tears go into his music. Here is the premier of MC IMPRINT’s sophomore music video, SIDELINES. Much love, my brotha…KEEP ROCKIN!!!" Source: " title="">

Kat Graham - "Put Your Graffiti On Me"

It has been another great year for my Sis Kat Graham. She’s been doing extremely well with her acting (As Usual) and recently was signed to A&M/ Octone Records (A joint venture between Universal Music Group and Octone Records) and just released her first video as a signed music artist for her single “Put Your Graffiti On Me”. This is a great song and I already see all her fans going crazy for it, all over twitter. Be sure to watch her video, and share it. Also don’t forget to follow her on twitter. @KatGraham Oh ya! and follow me as well @MCIMPRINT lol!