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#DreamsMusicVideo  #SobrietyDateLP It has begun... The road to #DreamsMusicVideo stay tuned and follow us! Cc: @cottrellguidry @stephenhansenjr @halfkab @staycoolproductions @siliencestudios #SobrietyDateLP #MCIMPRINT #HipHop #Rap #MusicVideo #Power106 #WhosNext #LosAngeles


Sobriety Date LP flyer Praise God! PRAISE GOD!!! I never thought I'd see it to this day... Today I celebrate 5 years of sobriety. That's 5 years clean and sober from all drugs and alcohol, and I give all the glory to God. I wouldn't have been able to have done it without him. On this special day, I would like to announce the name of my next project. This summer I will be releasing my 2nd LP titled "SOBRIETY DATE". I want to say thank you to all my friends and fans who have supported me along the way of this journey. You all are truly amazing people. Please spread the word about the project, and stay tuned! Love ya'll! Yeeeeee!

Justin Timberlake - I'm Ready

Jutin Timberlake - I'm Ready It has been announced!!! Timbaland is set to produce Justin's next album! JT's first single was set to realease at 9:01am today featuring Beyonce and Hov, but unfortunately it has been pushed back to Sunday. We will all have to just wait a little bit longer to get the long awaited new material from Justin.


Rising Rapper Made His Break By Kicking Drugs- The Orange County Register

"It feels so wrong interviewing an up-and-coming rapper in a coffee shop overlooking the sparkling ocean. But focusing on hip hop's gritty urban roots is a problem for me, not the poor guy I'm teasing.

"You're name's Brett; you live near the beach; you're from Orange County," I say, disregarding hip hop's diversity, O.C.'s musical range and my own code against stereotyping. Startled, Brett Guidry looks up from his coffee and catches my smile. I quickly add, "Good thing your music's good." And it's a good thing Guidry, a.k.a. MC Imprint, is as cool as ice. Being a musician is a tough road. And it's not any easier when a columnist ignores that art isn't a state of place but a state of grace – especially for a rapper who narrowly escaped a prison sentence. If keeping it real is what hip hop's about, then Guidry has a promising career. Consider this lyric from his song, "Dancing in the Shadows," a rap about battling addiction after his father's death: "It's sickening to think of me stickin' a needle in my arm just trying to get lifted."" To read full story, Hit the link below.


RapNERD Talks To MC IMPRINT about POWER106 "Who's Next" Competition!

"RapNerd.TV traveled to Seal Beach to chop it up with MC Imprint, winner of the POWER 106 Who's Next contest, slated to perform at PowerHouse, one of the biggest live shows in Cali

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#48 RIKKI MARTINEZ (Power106) MC IMPRINT, and COLE on Juice Tv

MC IMPRINT speaks with J. Valentino, and Taffy Taff about winning the Power106 "Who's Next" Competition for the West Coast, and the direction of his career. MC IMPRINT's interview starts at 01:10:00.

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