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AK's Report Card for MC IMPRINT's "The First Impression" - HARD KNOCK TV - Curators of Fresh

"My first impression of this track is what led me to write this review…what do you guys think of it? <3 AK"

"My First Impression of The First Impression

Having introduced his album almost 1 year ago MC Imprint has been on his grind to formally inject himself into the veins of the rap game with his Freshman LP The First Impression.This project provides a narration of his experiences through the depths of depression and is most visibly exposed on the tracks “Dancing in the Shadows” and “Ain’t No Sunshine.” He is able to balance braggadocio and girl problems while shining a discerning light on the seriousness of substance abuse. Rather than relapsing, Imprint has conjured up a cocktail of self reflection and positive progression. His internal battles are externalized through lyrical confessions.

“I know pain and I know sufferin’// I know feinding for a fix// and having to steal somethin’…sky’s get grey and times get bad// I remember at nights I cried// wishin’ I had a dad…”

The vulnerability with which his verses magnify his past mistakes reveals an optimism for the future. The listener witnesses a gradual transformation from the rapper who embodies hope and determination.

“There’s a fine line// between waitin’ for what’s right// and procrastinating// till your dream passes you by// so I gotta keep movin’ with my eyes on the prize// and hustle hard every day// and constantly edify.”

It’s no coincidence that most of the beats sound eerily optimistic in comparison to their content. The refreshing optimism that stabilizes Imprint’s cool confidence can be credited to long time homie and producer The Optimist. Having produced, mixed and mastered the entire project, The Optimist and MC Imprint’s chemistry acts as an amphetamine through all 12 tracks.

Grading The First Impression off my initial reaction to the album quality I give it a C+. The commentary during some of the songs gets a bit annoying and I’m not thrilled with all the song choices but overall his storytelling capabilities, lyrical creativity and relevance prove him a worthy competitor.

His perseverance to get where he is today by replacing addiction with dedication is a commendable trait and is given an A+++. While some things can be practiced and perfected over time (like flow and delivery) the will to recover after hitting rock bottom takes more than repetition. Overall: GPA “Game Placement Average” I give it a B-.

To quote another West Coast rapper “You ain’t gotta get drunk to have fun…you ain’t gotta get drunk to have fun….” (Kendrick Lamar)

MC Imprint is sure to leave an Optimistic first impression but will it be a lasting impression? To see for yourself check out his live performance December 23rd in Seal Beach at O’ Malley’s on Main St. and/or peep the music video for his debut single “Sidelines” on YouTube. <3 AK"

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